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Love in Art - International Poster Povero Competition | V-ART Virtual Gallery exhibition is a post-competition exhibition selected from 395 posters from 37 countries.


Love is an emotional and psychological reaction that encounters two different positive and negative senses. The origin of love can be a simple affection or a deep feeling. Love encompasses a wide range of relationships, such as the love between human and human, the love of an animal or plant, or of another human being with a strong emotional attachment.


19 August 2021

The International Festival of "Cinema Povero"


The International Festival of "Cinema Povero" had the honor of hosting the last year 2020, the "Love in Art" event from an idea developed with Professor Babak Safari, curator and artistic director of the Exhibition.


A precious collaboration that began with the works that the students of Professor Babak Safari had sent us in 2019 for an exhibition in Ispra, Italy, where the Festival is held every year, a beautiful tourist town on Lake Maggiore. On that occasion, we offered many visitors the opportunity to see and learn about the art of design illustrated also in a conference held by an art expert.


The "Cinema Povero" Cultural Association


The "Cinema Povero" Cultural Association, which organizes the Film Festival, has as its main purpose that of making the general public aware of visual art in all its expressions: film, photography, drawings, graphics, sculpture, as well as writing and conferences. about the habits of the lands and men of the world.All the promoted events have had an excellent participation and the encouraging interest on the part of the public for this we receive continuous requests from Italian and non-Italian artists who would like to participate with their works.


The theme of the exhibition is "Love in Art"


"Love in Art" was conceived in this perspective of artistic visuality with an apparently very easy theme like "Love" and yet difficult to interpret in its real depth because what could be more beautiful than spiritual or physical love? We saw beautiful, well-interpreted posters, and some that spoke through metaphors of colors and designs.


Virtual exhibition "Love in Art"


Now we conclude this "Love in Art" with the virtual exhibition as we cannot present it live due to the Covid 19 Pandemic which prevents us from accessing the exhibition sites and, in the hope that everything will soon pass, we want to repeat the spirit of the Festival adapted for the 'occasion:


"The International Cinema Povero Film Festival" is open to everybody: rich designer, poor designer, all welcome provide they have developed a beautiful, original idea ".


Giancarlo Buzzi

Director of International Poster Povero Festival




"Love in Art" - International Poster Povero Competition

"Love in Art" - International Poster Povero Competition



Feelings >> relationships >> art >> love

Is art love? But what exactly is art and what is love? The relationship between two objects leads to a reaction together with the emotion.


The Love in Art exhibition asks how we perceive the feeling so dear to us. Thanks to various artists, we have the opportunity to learn about the multi-stage nature of emotions, its culture and the intensity with which it can act.


The V-ART gallery invites you to a sensual multicultural visualization with a deep feeling of connecting emotions.


Is the answer important when the question is about emotions? Everyone perceives it differently. Each person interprets and processes it differently. Maybe that's why love is like art. Different for everyone. It is only a provocation to ask what is it? Leaving this question unanswered.


Curators of "Love in Art" exhibition:

Dawid Czajkowski

Babak Safari


Exhibition created by:

V-ART Team


V-ART Virtual Gallery exhibition