Artists in V-ART Virtual Gallery who had individual poster exhibitions

Lista artystów, którzy mieli indywidualne wystawy plaktu w V-ART


Andrzej Wieteszka Andrzej Wieteszka specializes in posters, currently works with, among others: the National Opera / Grand Theater, Baj Theater in Warsaw. He publicated in Der Spiegel, Variety, Fricote Magazine, Newsweek, ELLE, Playboy, Vice, Maxim and many others. He cooperated with clothing companies: HOM Paris, Arkadius, DRONE Paris, O'Neil, Alpinus and many more. He designed and animated TV trailers for MTV, Comedy Central and Fashion TV Paris. See his exhibition in V-ART Virtual Gallery
Francois Caspar François Caspar, French European poster and messages designer, based in Paris, has designed customized overall visual communication for government bodies, companies and theaters since 1989. His posters have been awarded and shown in over 160 international exhibitions, they belong to public and private collections as in Paris, Hamburg or New York and they have been published in specialized magazines or books such as Art and design, Etapes, Experimenta, Idea, Pixel Creation, Signes and New Masters of Poster Design
Gyula Molnár is a graphic designer and art teacher. He graduated in graphic design from the Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in 1971. Between 1998 and 2013 he was chair of the Department of Visual Communication and the Department of Graphic Design at the institution known today as the Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, where he was appointed professor in 2002. He’s been a member of the Hungarian Poster Association since 2010. His posters were to be seen
He received his nomination of work exhibition in The Art of Mickey Mouse exhibition from the Walt Disney production as a Japanese artist in 1999. In 2019, he became the finalist of the Cusco International Poster Exhibition Competition and was named a World Posterist. In 2020, he was selected for one of the best 100 in a poster competition commemorating the centenary of Russia's UNOVIS. See his exhibition in V-ART Virtual Gallery
Keith Kitz is an artist, designer, and educator living in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the founder of Keith Kitz Design, a private practice that services clients both nationally and internationally. Kitz is also the Program Director, Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MAGD), and an Assistant Professor, Graphic Design in the College of Arts & Sciences at Suffolk University. Keith studied graphic design at Mount St. Joseph University (BA) and at The College of Fine Arts at Boston University (MFA).
Michał Batory Born on 25 August 1959 in Lodz, Poland, lives and works in Paris since 1987 1979-1985. Studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux - Arts in Lodz, Poland. A graduate in graphic design, specialty displays (at the teacher Bogusław Balicki). 1986-1987. Exchange of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts for young artists, Poland 1988-1993. Works in graphic design agencies in Paris. Since 1994 independent graphic designer. See Michał's Batory exhibition in V-ART Virtual Gallery
Mieczysław Wasilewski - posters Mieczysław Wasilewski was born in 1942 in Warsaw, where he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, a teacher at his home faculty, in 1990 he received the academic title of professor. Repeatedly awarded for graphic activities, work with publishing institutions and magazines. Mieczysław Wasilewski created an unique and recognizable graphic method.  He uses an ascetic form that condenses meanings, anecdotes and punch lines. See Mieczysław's Wasilewski exhibition in V-ART Virtual Gallery
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